Below is an letter from a client that was involved with a Debt Settlement company.  Don't let this happen to you and learn how to get out of debt on your own and save thousands of dollars.


Testimonial Involving a client of a Debt Settlement Company


We would like to give you an example of the many complaints we hear in regards to debt settlement companies.  This example is from a recent letter by a young lady.  She was contracted by a certain debt settlement company to negotiate a settlement on a total of $18,000.00 debt on 4 credit cards.  She was told to send to them $400.00 per month and they would handle the rest.  After 10 months and $4000.00 sent to them, she noticed that none of the credit card debt was being paid or reduced. 

Upon contacting the settlement company she was advised that her set- aside fund was not yet large enough to make an offer to the credit card company.  How can that be?  When she explored it further, she found that only $1700.00 of the $4000.00 she had sent them was available in the set aside fund.  All the rest of the money was charged as fees.  So, after 10 months with her credit further damaged she still is unable to reduce even one card.  The settlement company got their fees but she has gotten no relief.  These debt settlement companies feel that only a small percentage of people complete or graduate their program.  Therefore, they want to receive all of their fees upfront first, and then your money will be saved for a settlement in the future.  At this point, why would they work hard for you to receive a good settlement when they have already been paid upfront?  This is a win-win situation for these companies and that is why there are so many of them out there.

 What can be done if you feel you’ve been cheated and want out of your contract with your debt settlement company?  You want to have all your money returned or at least the set-aside balance they are holding?  On this particular case we just discussed, the settlement company was headquartered in Florida.  Bad news, since only Florida and Maryland have no regulations regarding debt relief companies.  Be especially wary of any debt settlement companies from these two states.  


By choosing ADS Financial, you will learn how to negotiate your settlement on your own.  The debt settlement process works and works well and we will provide you with all the information necessary to accomplish debt negotiation on your own.  We provide you with every form and letter you need during the debt settlement process.  By learning how to negotiate on your own you will be out of debt sooner and save thousands of dollars during the process.  We break the entire debt settlement process down so it is easy to understand and by the time you complete our online tutorial you will have more information than some of the leading professionals in the debt settlement industry today.  Sign up with ADS Financial and get back on track to financial freedom.






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