Below is an overview of the debt settlement process.  We recommend using the debt settlement way to relieve your credit card debt.  We want to provide you with all the debt relief options that are available so you can decide which method is right for you. 


Why Debt Settlement is becoming the leading way to reduce credit card debt.

Debt Settlement or Debt Negotiation as it is often called, allows a debtor to reduce the amount owed on an unsecured debt by negotiating the original balance.  This method of reducing debt can be right for you if you are having a financial hardship, or little ability to pay the minimum payments and want to avoid filing for bankruptcy.  This is a very effective way to get rid of your debts, but is also the most aggressive.

Why Debt Settlement:

  • Becoming the top method for consumers to get rid of debt.

  • Debt is paid off in anywhere from 12-36 months depending on financial status.

  • Affects credit much like debt consolidation except the settlement is ultimately paid by the consumer directly to the creditor, unlike with debt consolidation.

  • Lowers your debt to income ratio more quickly than Consumer Credit Counseling, this is very significant in your ability to quality for a loan.

  • You will typically end up paying only 40-60% of your current balance.



ADS Debt Settlement Program:


We believe that debt settlement is the best option to pay off your debts and regain control of your finances.  You can do this on your own as long as you have all the inside information at your fingertips of what to do during the settlement process.  ADS will provide you with all the necessary information and explain all the inside secrets that the debt settlement companies do not want you to know. 

It is becoming more difficult each year for debt settlement companies to work on your behalf.  Some credit card companies are putting a stop to debt negotiation companies and it is only a matter of time until this trend continues to other credit card companies.  You will be saving thousands of dollars in fees by using our program.  We can say this because we charge a reasonable fee to sign up for our program which gives you total access to everything on our website.  That's right, no hidden costs, no settlement fees, no account fees, you will only pay one low price for all the information.  You will begin the debt settlement process right away and not have to pay any upfront fees on your debts which is the case on other debt settlement programs.  There is a reason why debt settlement companies want their money upfront because they know that many clients do not graduate their program.  This will ensure them that they get paid even if you drop out of their program. 

So before you pay thousands of dollars in fees to a debt settlement company and hope that they can settle all of your accounts, sign up with ADS Financial today and take back control of your financial future.






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