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  1. Who is qualified for our debt settlement program?

  2. Who does not qualify for our debt settlement program?

  3. Do credit card companies provide help for delinquent customers?

  4. Will debt settlement have a negative effect on my credit?

  5. Will the ADS Program repair my credit?

  6. Can your program stop my creditors from calling?

  7. What are the legal ramifications of the debt settlement process?

  8. When should I consider Bankruptcy?

  9. What is secured debt vs. unsecured debt?

  10. How long will the debt settlement process take?

  11. How does debt settlement compare to debt consolidation?

  12. What is consumer credit counseling?

  13. How does the ADS Debt Settlement solution work?

  14. What will I pay for a membership to the ADS Program?

  15. Can I receive additional help and use your online program?

  16. What happens when you simply refuse to pay your debt?

  17. How is ADS Financial different from other debt settlement companies?

  18. As an ADS client, what help can I expect in the process?




1.  Who is qualified for our debt settlement program?

Our program is designed for anyone seeking to eliminate debt. We have eliminated the need to search the web for the questionable free advice and included proven solutions for individuals at any debt level.  Even if you are enrolled with a debt settlement company this site is for you. You will learn the secrets of this industry, so that you can make informed choices. You will also get assistance with the annoying phone calls from your creditors.

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2.  Who does not qualify for our debt settlement program?

If times are currently tough, but you feel this is a temporary situation, we encourage you to fight through your immediate situation and pay your debts. Our program is not for those who wish to scam the system by running up high debts, especially cash advances, knowing they could not repay. 

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3.  Do credit card companies provide help for delinquent customers?

Most people want to do the right thing and handle their debts in a fair and responsible way.  Credit card companies stick to the credit contract you signed in every detail. Late charges interest on the unpaid balance and more, including notifying the credit monitoring agencies of any delinquencies.


Credit consolidation companies will continue to meet the credit card contract by making timely payment and restructuring your debt. They will not reduce your debt, which our ADS Financial program is designed to accomplish. They will save consumers money since credit card companies derive about 30% of their annual income from fees. You must approach your debt reduction strategy in a business- like approach.  Debt settlement is the alternative where you and your creditor can both make the best of a difficult situation.

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4.  Will debt settlement have a negative effect on my credit?

Yes it will.  As with any debt relief program your creditors will realize you are having financial difficulties and are seeking a way to resolve your burdensome debts.  If you currently have a high credit score your numbers will decline substantially. If, however, your score has already suffered, the effects of debt relief will not be as severe. You must consider, however, that unlike unmanageable debt, which will take years if not decades to pay off, your credit rating can be repaired in a reasonable amount of time, usually 12 to 18 months. 

A question you should ask yourself  “Can I Afford Good Credit At This Time”?  Should I protect your credit rating at all cost?  What good is a high credit score when you are drowning in debt?   Your debt is killing you.  Your debt keeps you awake at night.  Your debt prevents you from planning for your future.  Your debt is costing you a fortune.  Your credit score is not important if your debt is out of control.  Your ultimate goal should be to get rid of your debt first, and then work to repair your credit.

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5.  Will the ADS Program repair my credit?

Not completely.  We will give you suggestions on how to negotiate with your creditors to assure the best possible report to the credit report agencies.  Your credit score should improve upon the successful completion of our program, since these debts are paid and your debt-to-income ratio will improve.  Although debt-to-income ratios are not part of a credit score they are an important measurement to mortgage and auto lenders.

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6.  Can your program stop my creditors from calling?

No, your creditors have the right to contact you by mail and phone.  Our program will show you how you can eliminate most of these harassing calls. You will also learn your rights and how to deal with any illegal collection activity.

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7.  What are the legal ramifications of the debt settlement process?

Can I be sued?  Yes, but any action will be limited to collecting this particular debt. The threat of a lawsuit is usually just that, a threat.  About 1% of these types of debts end up in court. If, however, you are sued and lose, your creditor has the right to several recourses including levies, liens and wage garnishment, but these are extremely rare occurrences, and should not discourage you from seeking debt freedom.  We again will show you how to deal with all these scenarios, such as are you judgment proof, does arbitration work, what is debt validation, and can you work with your creditor to resolve your debt.  Our program will discuss this in great detail and offer strategies to gain the best solution all the while protecting your rights.

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8.  When should I consider Bankruptcy?

With its long lasting effect both emotionally and financially bankruptcy should be your option of last resort.  Yet for those who have debts they cannot possibly pay back, have the legal system working against them and have exhausted all other debt elimination options then bankruptcy can work for you.  Just be sure you approach this option with a full knowledge of its costs both upfront and hidden.


Our program will spell out all the advantages and disadvantages of  Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 options, and how the new 2005 bankruptcy laws could affect your decision.   Plus the long and short term affects on your credit and purchasing power for the 10 years a bankruptcy filing stays on your credit report.  Our experience is that many people tire of the collection process and harassment and use this option to solve a short-term inconvenience without considering the long-term ramifications of bankruptcy.

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9.  What is secured vs. unsecured debt?

Secured debt is defined as debt backed or secured by a mortgage or pledge of collateral or other lien in order to reduce the risk associated with lending and which the creditor has the right to pursue upon default. Examples of secured debt would be home mortgages, auto loans, and student loans. Unsecured debt is defined as debt not secured by collateral in which the creditor holds no special assurance of payment.  If the borrower defaults, the creditor has no assets to back up the loan.  Only unsecured debt can be involved in the debt settlement process.



Secured loans:


Unsecured Loans:


(Not Eligible)


(Eligible for debt settlement)


Home Mortgage


Credit Cards


Auto Loans


Medical Bills


Car Payments


Department Store Cards


Student Loans


Oil/Gas Credit Cards


Secured Loans


Personal Loans (unsecured)


Income Tax Payments


Overdue Rent



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10.  How long will the debt settlement process take?

The length of time necessary to complete the debt settlement process varies from case to case but on average, it takes between 12-36 months.  Our online program offers multiple calculators on your dedicated home page so you can adjust your payments for all your credit cards to find the best way to pay off your debts.  We also show a complete debt settlement chart using your credit card data so you can see exactly how the debt settlement process works.

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11.  How does debt settlement compare to debt consolidation?

The goal of debt settlement is to reduce the overall amount of the debt, usually between 40 – 60% of the total.  Debt Consolidation loans transfer the debt from one account to another and typically takes an unsecured debt and changes it into a secured debt (usually your home).   If you do not have enough equity, bad credit, or too much debt, it is not likely that you will be approved for a debt consolidation loan.


Statistics show that about 70% of the people who obtain a debt consolidation loan find themselves in deeper debt than they were originally within a two-year period.  You cannot borrow your way out of debt.  Ask yourself why you would want to go from an unsecured loan to a secured loan over a longer period of time?


Be careful of these debt consolidators, especially those that advertise as non-profit or not for profit companies.  The FTC and the IRS are investigating these claims and have shut down or fined dozens of these companies for misleading their clients.

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12.  What is consumer credit counseling?

Consumer Credit Counseling Companies typically have a non-profit status.  Many consumers confuse "non-profit" with "no charge for services", or charity.  Non-profit Consumer Credit Counseling Companies generate millions of dollars each month and employ thousands of people.  The way Credit Counseling works is that you typically meet with a Credit Counselor, who analyzes your unsecured debts, other obligations, and your monthly income. A credit counselor then formulates a monthly budget and presents a plan that includes lowering of credit card interest rates and sometimes, the monthly payment.  The Credit Counseling Company then contacts all your unsecured debt creditors and requests that the consumer be permitted to enter the bank's hardship repayment plan at a lower interest rate.  Most hardship plans are for a 12-18 month period.


During the program a single payment is sent to the Credit Counseling Company and they in turn make payments directly to all your creditors for the next 12 – 60 months.  The consumer credit counselor charges what seems like a relatively small fee.  What you are not told is that the Credit Counseling companies act as a surrogate of the Credit Card Company.  They make most of their money from "donations" from your Creditors based on the amount they "collect" from you while in the program.  An arrangement very similar to how collection agencies are paid by creditors.  So a credit counseling company may not have your best interest at heart.  These donations are the primary purpose for these companies organizing under a "non-profit" status (for-profit companies cannot receive donations.)

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13.  How does the ADS Debt Settlement solution work?

ADS Financial has created a complete online debt settlement website that gives you all the tools and information necessary to settle your unsecured debts.  There are no monthly fees, no setup charges, no hidden charges, only a one time membership fee that gives you complete access to our online debt settlement program, with training and coaching, charts, calculators, sample letters and scripts, interactive forum, and fully explained 5 options to help you stay out of bankruptcy.  Once you log-on to our website, you will have access to your own dedicated homepage where you can manage your credit card accounts online and compare your progress with other members anytime.  You will have access to our entire debt settlement program that guides you through the process from start to finish.  Our online program will show you how to get started and what steps to take in order to verify your agreements   We have given all members access to our online forum where you can chat with other members or in house professionals regarding your individual situation.  If necessary, we have attorney referrals to help with any legal issue at reduced costs.  Once you have finished our online debt settlement program, you will have more information than most leading professionals in the industry today.  ADS Financial offers professional help in our forum and tutorials so that you have immediate help.

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14.  What will I pay for a membership to the ADS Program?

We built this website to help consumers get out of debt at a reasonable and affordable price.  You will receive a membership to our interactive self-help website which includes forum membership, instructional training and coaching audio sessions, downloadable forms, multiple calculators, charts, graphs plus much more.  See our 5 reasons why the ADS Approach vs. other debt settlement companies makes sense. You can settle your debts at the lowest cost and in the quickest time.  Most of all you will not pay the industry standard professional fees (15% of your indebtedness).

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15.  Can I receive additional help and use your online program?

Yes.  ADS Financial is now offering you the option of sending your information to all of our exclusive partner companies that are using our program.  All of our partners offer additional services along with our program to help you reduce your debt.  Just click on this link Partner Program and fill out the submission form and a representative from our partner companies will contact you shortly.  

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16.  What happens when you simply refuse to pay your debt?

Your creditors will aggressively pursue their debt for 7 years. If any payment is made in that time the clock resets itself for another 7 years. Your credit rating will not be restored in that time.  Bankruptcy has similar consequences but the creditor will stop calling. One must also deal with legal fees involved.

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17.  How is ADS Financial different from other debt settlement companies?

There are no continuing or reoccurring fees. A one-time membership fee is requested to access our exclusive online debt settlement assistance program. You do not have to send us any settlement funds. ADS Financial believes settlement funds should be controlled and managed by our customers. Many debt settlement companies ask for funds and fees that are placed into accounts that they can access and control.

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18.  As an ADS client, what help can I expect in this process?

Even though our advertising focus is on do it yourself debt settlement, we do not leave anyone stranded.  We offer help and coaching in our forum that is available online. Detailed questions will be answered by our support staff in our forum.  We provide more help to the do it yourself person that most companies offer from their professional staff.

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