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To begin the process we ask for you to purchase the program by clicking on the order now button above.  This is a one time only fee.  There are no other costs or fees involved with our program.  You will be purchasing an online membership to gain access to our website.  On the following page, you can pay by check or by credit card.  Please fill out your payment information and submit it to our sales team.  Our system will automatically send you a confirmation letter via email once your payment has been approved.  Included in the email, you will receive your username and password for the website.

After receiving your confirmation letter in the email, access our client login page at the top of our website and input your username and password into our system.  This will take you to our online debt settlement program.  Here you will listen to our tutorial that will explain how to navigate the entire online website and explain how to use the online forum.  Now you are just a click away from getting back on track to financial freedom.

Below are quotes from just a handle of clients that expressed their feedback about our program:


1.  "This website is beneficial for anyone who wants answers in eliminating credit card debt"
  Client# 0174
2.  "It is like an online classroom explaining the entire debt settlement process from start to finish"
Client# 0143
3.  "I was amazed on the amount of information that I received for such a low fee for the entire online program"
Client# 0185
4.  "Finally a website that answered all my questions regarding the debt settlement process"
  Client# 0163



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