Welcome to the ADS Financial, The First Complete Online DIY Debt Settlement Program.  Our Program has a one-time only fee for access to all the material on our website.  As a member of ADS, you will be able to log-on and join our team that will assist you in credit card debt reduction.  This site was designed to help the consumer understand everything about the credit card financial industry.  ADS has provided the tools, information and methods for a complete online financial solution.  Once you sign up for our program, you will have an online negotiation consultant that will go over the entire negotiation process from beginning to end.  This site will cut through the clutter and confusion of the debt reduction methods and get you the help you need.  With our help you too can eliminate credit card debt on your own and become financially debt free.  Indebtedness can be a huge burden, with the help of our program you can accomplish debt settlement without resorting to the stigma and cost of bankruptcy.


The ADS Online program is for anyone that wants to learn how the entire settlement process works to pay off your debt.  This program is beneficial for anyone that is currently in a debt settlement program with another company or someone who just wants to learn which financial relief option is best.  Each individual has a different credit situation but everyone has the same goal, and that is to reduce your indebtedness and achieve financial freedom.  This is where ADS Financial comes in, to give you all the tools you need to settle your credit cards on your own using the settlement negotiation process.


This interactive online program is complete with detailed calculators, graphs and charts, audio and visual explanations.  Included are sample forms and links to other relative financial sites, plus an interactive forum to discuss and review other successful settlement deals.  In our forum, you can post questions to other members or to our support staff for added coaching and training for your special circumstances.  If you are thinking of declaring bankruptcy, please try our online program and learn about all your options first and you may find out that you are not a candidate for bankruptcy.  Please browse our website and learn more on how our online program can help you today.


Top 5 Reasons why the ADS program

has the highest success rate compared to the competition


Reason #1:  Excessive Fees Charged Upfront By Other Debt Settlement Companies.


Settlement companies may charge up to 15% of the principal balance usually in the first 90 to 180 days of the program.  There are also hidden costs when you join their program.  These costs may include management fees and account set up charges, which is money you cannot use for settlement purposes.



ADS Answer: The price for our program is only a one-time membership fee.  There are no hidden charges or future assessments for use of our online system.  Why pay thousands of dollars to a settlement company when ADS, as your partner, can help you achieve faster results.  Once you purchase our online program and can log-in to our website and start saving for you first settlement right away.  This is why ADS Financial is considered the best debt settlement program available.




Reason #2:  Not all credit card companies will work with debt settlement company negotiators.


Their rationale is that the fees charged by these credit card companies could be better used in financing your own indebtedness.  As the settlement industry grows and the instances of fraud and abuse also grows, more and more credit card companies refuse to deal with debt negotiation companies and insist they deal only with their customers. 



ADS Answer:  You have every right to take charge of your financial situation.  Our online instruction will guide you through the entire settlement process.  You will have access to our online forum where you can post questions and offer solutions.  Other members and our in-house professionals will assist you in this process.  You will have all the tools necessary to deal with your creditors in a business like manner and pay off your indebtedness.  ADS is upfront and honest about the debt settlement process from start to finish.





Reason #3:  Graduation Rates


Did you know that some debt settlement companies will request a 36 month commitment.  You know how unpredictable your finances can be, the best budget and plan worked out today can often be turned upside down tomorrow when an unexpected crises appears.  What happens now, you have already paid your fees upfront and you credit card debt still remains. Your out of luck, your finances have gotten older, with no solution in sight except to declare bankruptcy.



ADS Answer:  With the knowledge gained from our program, you can stop and restart your debt reduction process as your finances dictate. Once you have become a member you have access to the entire program designed to make you a specialist in negotiating a settlement.  Remember that Bankruptcy should be your last resort.




Reason #4:  Other Debt Settlement Companies Require Access to Your Personal Accounts


Many debt settlement companies set up and control the disbursements of a set aside account, or want access to your personal checking account.  You make deposits but they disburse funds to your creditors, but only after they have withdrawn their fees.  Remember your savings account for debt settlement has to include professional fees.



ADS Answer:  ADS does not recommend giving your personal financial information to anyone.  Keep it private and protected.  Our program will go over in great detail the way to handle your personal accounts with the credit card companies.




Reason #5:  Reduce your credit card debt quickly and effectively with the ADS Program.


Other Settlement companies want you to pay for their professional services.  ADS believes that an educated and informed person can accomplish financial freedom effectively with our ADS Approach. 



ADS Answer:  We found our program to have a much higher success rate than many debt settlement companies because each program can be adjusted for your particular needs. If you can raise funds and payoff your accounts early, our program will accommodate you.  If you need more time our program will provide you an alternative.  At ADS we will help you in your financial relief journey.  The ADS program is the most comprehensive system available and at an affordable price focused on allowing you to finish your goal of financial freedom.


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Note:  ADS fee is the lowest in the industry!

The above debt graph is for estimation purposes only. Actual numbers may vary on the other programs depending on your ability to make payments and on the creditors you have.




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ADS Approach






Also both *MBNA and CITIBANK credit cards are enforcing strict standards on debt settlement companies.
*MBNA is now Bank of America


With the increasing scrutiny from federal and state governments, these restrictions placed on Settlement Companies are sure to grow in the future.





Below is a partial list of the topics discussed in our audio and video tutorial spanning over 120 pages of information.

5 options better than bankruptcy
Dealing with collection tactics
Stop Phone Harassment
Dealing with Collection Agencies
Dealing with Collection Attorneys
Sample Settlement Letters
Proper Payment to Creditors
Your rights under the FDCPA
Future Financial Planning


Cost of Making Minimum Payments




Minimum Payment



Total Cost Total Time
15% $13,950 56 Months.
20% $16,617 67 Months
25% $21,725 87 Months

* Don't get stuck paying only the minimum payment on your credit cards with your creditors.  Learn how to switch the tables on the credit card company and take control of your payments with our online settlement program.



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